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Empowering Financial Inclusion Through Education

In a world where opportunities are often determined by socio-economic circumstances, financial inclusion can be a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Join us on our mission to empower Chris, a remarkable young Black man with a burning ambition to drive social impact in the world of financial services. He has been admitted into a prestigious MBA program that will get him closer to this goal, and he needs your help to make it happen. 

Support Chris and help build a more equitable and inclusive future for all.


Meet Chris, a talented young Black man whose journey is deeply rooted in his personal experiences. As a person of African descent born to parents who emigrated from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Belgium, Chris has noticed first-hand the damages that being excluded from the financial system can have on the livelihood of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society. Determined to address this injustice, Chris aspires to lead initiatives that broaden access to financial services, particularly for those who have historically been marginalized.

The Power of Education

His passion for business and entrepreneurship has driven him to achieve professional and academic excellence and secured him a place in the MBA program at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, one of the world's most esteemed business schools. With his MBA, Chris aims to leverage his expertise in mergers and acquisitions and fintech partnerships to spearhead transformative change towards more inclusion in the financial industry.

Elevating Communities

In addition to his professional and academic achievements, Chris is also an inspiring role model, mentor and community leader. He is the founder of the African Diaspora Mentoring Association (ADMA). Established in 2019, ADMA strives to empower African descent students by equipping them with the necessary tools and connections to turn their dreams into reality. Chris created this organization based on his own upbringing in Belgium, where his parents overcame numerous challenges to achieve success in academia. ADMA's vision is to increase the representation of successful individuals of African descent in society through education, providing mentorship and support to those facing obstacles and discrimination.

Why We Need Your Help

Despite his extraordinary talent and unwavering determination, Chris is facing a significant obstacle: the burden of tuition fees. He lacks the necessary financial resources to cover the costs associated with attending the MBA program which amounts to €80.000, out of which Chris still needs to secure €40.000. That is why we have launched this crowdfunding campaign—to rally a community of allies who recognize the importance of investing in educational inclusion and equity. Your support is crucial.

How You Can Make a Difference

By contributing to this crowdfunding campaign, not only will you play an integral role in breaking down systemic barriers that hinder the representation of talented individuals from marginalized communities in higher education and business leadership, but you are also helping Chris acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to drive financial inclusion and uplift communities. Your contribution will make a lasting impact, creating a ripple effect and contributing to the legacy he is building for a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Every donation—no matter the size—will bring us one step closer to our goal to empower Chris to become a catalyst for change, opening doors for those who have been left behind.

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